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Key Benefits of Laxmipati PPE Kits Woven

Jun 22, 2020
Key Benefits of Laxmipati PPE Kits Woven
4 Benefits Of Using Woven PPE Kits 
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the need of the hour to keep yourself and others around you safe. These kits were initially designed to cater to the safety of frontline workers by minimizing their exposure to a biological agent. However, a surge in the current situation  necessitates the use of PPE kits, especially in stores, restaurants, and showrooms.  
The woven PPE kits effectively offer protection from viral infections while being extremely comfortable to wear. Here are 4 benefits of using woven PPE kits: 
1. Cost-effective Woven PPE Kits save a lot of money as they can be reused time and again. A maximum of 30 washes is possible which means you can purchase a woven PPE  and use it for a month if worn every day.  
2. Reduced medical waste Since the woven PPE suits can be washed and reused, they reduce medical waste, thus helping the environment. These woven PPE kits have their own decontamination process. Thus, you can have the privilege of being environmentally conscious too! 
3. Water repellent The mode of transmission of the Covid-19 virus is through liquid droplets. The PPE suits are water-resistant and uncompromisingly protect you from viral droplets. They ensure that your body’s moisture is extracted so as to help cool it down. Research states that 55% of our body’s temperature is regulated or controlled by way of evaporation of perspiration, the woven PPE kits allow your skin to breathe while protecting you from external contamination. 
4. Easy to Clean The woven fabric can be washed with consummate ease, ensuring that if any contamination stays on the suit, it is easily washed off. Also, the washing and reusing of the kit does not lead to the degradation of its prime function- safeguarding you from potentially harmful agents. 
Use our woven PPE kits for efficient protection against the virus. Keep yourself safe and make others around you feel safe. 
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