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7 Modern Saree Draping Styles

Apr 16, 2018
7 Modern Saree Draping Styles


Change is the only constant, and it couldn’t be right than in the case of fashion trends. Though, one trend that has held its ground from the beginning is the saree. A clothing that is a true expression of a woman’s beauty, India is a treasure trove of different of saree varieties. And that’s not all, each region has a unique saree draping style as well. Sarees can be formal, fun, traditional, and so much more, but always wearing them in one style can make the most attractive and exclusive saree look a bit boring. So, we bring you some traditional and alternative ways to drape your saree, and switch up a traditional look to give you all the inspiration you need.


1.  The Northern Style

Also known as Floating style, this is one of the most popular casual styles to drape a Saree in. It is a simple style where you drape the saree the common traditional way with pleats in the front and keep the pallu open along your shoulder as well as your arm.


2.  Retro Double

Picture our beautiful Mumtaz in one of the retro Drapes and you are right there. The trick is you get the pleats early without draping your saree much and then drape it around the pleats by keeping the border visible at different heights. This one does make movement a bit hassle though!


3.  The Mermaid

To give a look of the mermaid gown, this style is worn to accentuate curves at the hip section and give a flare at the bottom. This one makes movement very easy and is perfect for wedding parties or evening dinners.


4.  Short Patle

One of the trendiest style to keep your sari a casual outfit is to have it nicely pleated from the pallu side to have a short patli and pin in on the shoulder using a brooch.


5.  Dhoti style

This saree draping style is gaining a lot of popularity amongst fashionistas, thanks to its superior style quotient. Not only does it allow for extra movement, but is also sure to look great with winter blazers and jackets, for an eclectic look.


6.  Butterfly style

Seen on most Bollywood celebrities today, this sexy saree style is a non-bulky and modern take on saree draping. Just pleat the top part of your pallu into a thin column after creating a fan-like, butterfly shape at the lower part of the Pallu, and you're set. Another variation of this involves pleating the pallu into a single column, which goes across the torso.


7.  Scarf/Neck wrap style

Instead of draping the pallu of your saree the regular way, try draping it like different scarves. Not only is this very contemporary and stylish, but it will also keep you warm during those chilly winter weddings.



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