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5 mistakes to avoid when wearing a saree

Mar 12, 2018
5 mistakes to avoid when wearing a saree



Mistake 1: Too tight, too loose blouse

Misfit blouses often drop the glamour from your saree. If it’s difficult to breathe or it’s showing off your bra straps – just don’t wear it!

Have your tailor attach a bra strap holder to your blouse. The blouse is crucial to your whole look while wearing a saree.


Mistake 2: Too many pins

Wearing a saree is quite the challenge. It’s quite understandable when you use an entire packet of safety pins to hold it all together.

But make sure these don’t come out while you are in the public. Even celebrities are victims of this embarrassing guest appearance put in by the tiny pin.


Mistake 3: High-low

Know where your waist. Some people have no idea where to tuck in and wear the saree too high like it’s almost on their chest or too low that we expect it to drop down any moment.

You may be tempted to show-off that washboard abs or not – but tuck in the saree at the waist and it is guaranteed that you will look good, irrespective of your body shape.




Mistake 4: Over-accessorizing

You don’t have to wear all the jewelry you have. A saree looks graceful as it is, so do not over-accessorize, even if you’re wearing a plain saree.

If it’s a heavy saree, keep it minimal and clean. If it’s a plain, one-toned saree, keep your look with one piece of jewelry. It could be a necklace or earrings.


Mistake 5: Wrong draping

Some draping styles are meant to make you look bulkier than you are, while others will make you look slimmer. If you’ve never worn a saree before, stick to the regular saree drape. 



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