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4 Interesting facts about a Saree

Jan 14, 2018
4 Interesting facts about a Saree

Most of us know how to wear a saree, but we are sure you don’t know these lesser known facts behind it? Today, we give you some Aha! moments about a saree. Here you go:


  1. A saree can be draped over 100 ways

We bet you didn’t know this. Often people believe that you can only wear a saree in one way, i.e., the standard Nivi drape. But the truth is that there are over a hundred different ways in which you can drape a saree really fast. Similar to the culture and ethnicity of India, most of the drape styles are regionally specific.


  1. A saree ranges from 3.5 to 9 yards in length

Yes, that’s right. A saree is thought to be of 9 yards in length. But in reality, it can range from anywhere between 3.5 yards to 9 yards. Because of the various draping styles, saris often require different lengths for different drapes.


  1. Wearing a sari requires precisely “zero” safety pins

Many people use dozens of safety pins to secure a saree thinking it’s at risk of falling off. However, you don’t need safety pins in reality. In fact, if you overuse safety pins, it will make the garment more rigid. The fact is you require zero safety pins if you wear a saree precisely with fit.

  1. Every colour has a meaning

Believe it or now, but every colour behind a saree has its own meaning. For e.g.

  • White: White is a spiritually significant color often found in garments worn at religious ceremonies. White is also a color of mourning and so a common garment for widows.
  • Red: Red is a very popular colour and has several positive connotations behind it and is commonly worn by brides in all castes.
  • Yellow: Representing religion and practices followed by spiritual seekers, yellow is regarded as the color of the saints


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