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Your New Look for the New Year

Dec 28, 2017
Your New Look for the New Year

Just a few days and we hit the New Year rolling in. Why not give your wardrobe a new shine and bid farewell to the old ones? With our brand-new designs and collection, we give you the look you always wanted to have, be it for your office, or your ceremonies, or any other occasions.

Explore some of our best designs here:

Ravishing Red


As they say, red never disappoints. With the golden zari lace perfectly completing this saree, it will surely leave you ravishing and make you feel beautiful on any occasion.

The Royal Blue


This saree is meant to give a supreme design and a look giving you a royal essence with its blue colour. A perfect attire for a woman’s night out on date or with friends.

Gracious Green


An attention grabber in front of any crowd, this green coloured satin silk saree is lit to shine you from the top to the bottom. The delicate work done with embroidery and diamonds will surely skip your beat.

Pretty Pink


Do you know how someone looks with their eyes wide open? Wear this saree and you’ll atleast see a dozen. The shining design and a satin silk border instantly catches attention and spreads wild like a fire.

The all-rounder multi coloured


Often, we get focused on just one thing. One colour, one design, etc. Why not give yourself the chance to be diverse? With our multi coloured saree, you get a vibrant look along with a motley of distinct colours.

Lustrous Yellow


Just like the sun which shines everyday above us, our yellow coloured saree with an intricate embroidery done to it does the job perfectly.

A Unique Peach


Break the norm with the same colours and dare to be different with our peach coloured chiffon saree. This will surely steal hearts at any occasion giving a unique definition of its own,



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