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5 Reasons To Wear A Saree

Dec 04, 2017
5 Reasons To Wear A Saree

As a woman, you’ve an infinite number of choices when it comes to clothing. We show you today 5 reasons why saree is the best outfit you can wear.

1. Easily adapts to your style and figure



Women are very particular about their clothes, style and attire matching. So, a saree is just the ideal choice for this purpose. Are you slim? You can wrap it closely with a long pallu. For a stout body, you can wear it little loose with a pinned pallu, so it doesn’t make you look bulky.


2. A different look – everytime

A single saree can go with multiple blouses and styles, and will give you a completely different look everytime you wear a new blouse. You can also opt to experiment with different necklines or sleeves.


3. Be Brave, or be Ethnic



The same saree can position you differently and you can accordingly wear it at different occasions. For example, you can attend a Pooja-type function with an ethnic saree and floating drapes, or you can go to a marriage ceremony with a nice blouse and a dhoti drape.


4. Most comfortable outfit

Saree is considered to be the most comfortable outfit, when compared to jeans or skirts. It’s neither too tight, nor too loose. The comfort is always in your hands on how you want to look and present yourself. You control yourself.


5. Season Friendly



There is a saree fabric and style for every season. Be it winters, or summers, a saree gets you covered all times. Plus, it is the outfit which is accepted in every culture in India. There is a drape for almost every state.


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