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5 Trendy Blouse Designs

Nov 21, 2017
5 Trendy Blouse Designs

Saree is one of the most enchanting forms of attire in the world. It can be worn to all kinds of events, from formal to casual; the saree has invaded the wardrobe of Indian women as well as of those across the globe!

With the wedding season in full swing, it best to plan your attire first. A sari is one of the best outfits for any Indian occasion. While saris look great, festive saris can turn out to be very expensive. So instead of spending more on a heavy sari, you can opt for a simple drape and pair it up with an outstandingly stylish designer blouse!

Here are some trendy blouse designs that will beautifully scale-up up your festive looks:

1. Boat neck



Always in-vogue is a boat-neck blouse. These blouses are not low-cut in front or back, but can always have window-backs. In fact boat-necks with cut-out backs are quite in fashion. Embroidery only on sleeves and not on bodice is a good idea, if you have wide shoulders that you would not wish to highlight. However, you can have contrasting sleeves to make your shoulders appear broader.


2. High neck



High-neck blouses with heavy embroidery on stand collar or high neckline are making a huge comeback this season. Very majestic, they look ethereal with an old-age charm – and their retro appeal is what gives them a classy look. Mostly these blouses come in full-sleeved designs, but that should not stop you from experimenting with other sleeve lengths. Avoid this design, if you wish to wear heavy neck jewelry on a wedding or function. Also, women with short, stocky necks, double chins, or very heavy busts should steer clear of this design. 


3. Round neck



If nothing else works, this is one classy blouse design will always hold you in good stead. Use this if your saree is light to medium – in weave or work. However, keep the blouse rather plain or lightly embroidered, if saree is a heavy, full weave like brocade, or has lots of embroidery on pallu.


4. Creative cut-out neck



If you’re looking out for a different looking blouse, opt for one with cut-out patterns bordered with embroidery instead of a regular embellished one. Cut-outs look best over a plain fabric. To make the outfit more interesting, you can even add appliqués around the pattern!


5. Cape neck


Inspired from western cape tops look, cape blouse comes in the cape-like spread design. It has an extra layer of capes covering the body. It will master your saree outfit and will come up with an outstanding extraordinary saree outfit. It’s a fusion fashion of western cape style and Indian blouse style touch in Indian blouse design, This design will amaze your audience with an amazing saree outfit.

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