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Marathon in a Saree

Sep 06, 2017
Marathon in a Saree

The saree is six long yards of grace and elegance, adding a dash of glamour and style any occasion. But wearing a saree to a marathon? For 44-year-old Jayanthi Sampathkumar, an IT professional from Hyderabad, the answer to that question was – Why not!

Whoever claimed that running a marathon was best-done while dressed in a tracksuit? Jayanthi decided to go against convention and run a marathon clad in a saree. Gathering the interest of all spectators, she competed against 20,000 runners and covered a total distance of 42 km.

Wearing a saree involved plenty of planning and experimentation for Jayanthi - to figure out which saree and style suited her best while running. She saw YouTube videos and tried the Maharashtrian drape, Andhra styles, Tamil styles… but finally settled for the Tamil Madisaar style.

And we at Laxmipati Sarees salute her spirit as she did this for the love of saree! Yes, Jayanthi believes that the handloom industry is not only India’s pride, but also remains a source of employment for hundreds in the country.

Women like Jayanthi are an inspiration to our society. As young Indian girls turn to Western wear, women like Jayanthi give a strong fillip to our traditional garments, taking pride in our cultural heritage. The saree could be the new track suit for women comfortable in them, and why not?


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