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Best type of sarees that you can wear to work

Aug 14, 2017
Best type of sarees that you can wear to work

Though sarees have been a part of the Indian women’s attire for a very long time, most women shudder at the thought of wearing it daily to office. Many feel that they might not be comfortable enough in it while most others avoid it as they are not sure about what type of saree to wear to a workplace. When it comes to parties, weddings or even outings, choosing a saree is no big deal as one can completely follow her own choices and instincts. But when workplace ethics are concerned, the texture, print, colour, drape everything has to be taken care of. Let’s look at the best types of sarees that you can wear to work:

Cotton sarees: Cotton is known for its simplicity and refined appearance. They are comfortable to wear, light in weight and extremely reasonable on the pocket too. Cotton sarees are the best pick for summers and the crispness adds firmness to your look. Pastel colours take summer love to a new height. Add this cotton saree in pink to your wardrobe and look your elegant best. Shop here: http://www.laxmipati.com/product/sabrang-73 


Georgette Sarees: If you take public transport to work every day, then a georgette saree is your best bet as it is easy to maintain and wrinkles less. The flowy nature of the fabric takes the shape of your body and makes you look slimmer. Try pairing it with a full sleeve blouse to give it a formal look.


Crepe Sarees: Crepe sarees look attractive and the way it envelopes the body is like a magical embrace. Perfect to show off your figure these sarees are comfortable and apt for everyday wear. Wear it in solid colours for that chic and confident look at work.


Chiffon Sarees: Stay light and cool at work in a chiffon saree. Go for simple colours like black and white and pair it with contrasting blouses, and a diamond pendant for the fuss-free formal look. Check out our entire monochrome collection here: http://www.laxmipati.com/product/blackjack-4706


Silk Sarees: Winters and silks go hand in hand. Wear bright colours to lift up the gloomy days and get into the warmth of silk fabrics. Silk sarees are exceptionally royal and shimmering in terms of texture and are an ideal choice for important corporate gathering and meetings.


Sarees are becoming popular at work place again. Make sure you choose the right one as per you preference, body type and work environment. Just remember that work wear has to be comfortable so that you concentrate on your work rather than your pleats. If you still do not have a saree in your working wardrobe, time to add one now from Laxmipati. Shop here: www.laxmipati.com


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