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How to take care of your georgette and chiffon sarees

Aug 11, 2017
How to take care of your georgette and chiffon sarees

For ages sarees have been a vital part of the Indian tradition. Every woman loves sarees and has many special memories associated with them. Some of these sarees are gifted to her on special occasions and others are a proud part of her collection. With proper care and attention, these sarees can be preserved for ages without losing its luster or appeal. This is especially true in case of chiffon and georgette sarees which need to be handled with care as both these fabrics are very delicate and prone to tear easily. There are some things you need to be careful about if you want to prevent your sarees from shrinking or fading. If you are unsure about sending these to the cleaners, you can do it at home by following some simple steps. The following are do’s and don’ts will help you take care of your beautiful printed georgette and chiffon sarees from Laxmipati.

Washing instructions: Because the fabric is extremely delicate, make sure you always hand wash the fabric. Prefer using cold water and mild detergent so that the colours dont fade out. Also, while washing avoid stretching or wringing the fabric as it is harmful for the threads of the fabric and the saree might even tear off. Also, make sure you read the cleaning instructions given for your saree as washing instructions vary with the kind of georgette you own and also with the kind of embroidery and embellishments done on the fabric.

Drying instructions: Never dry your chiffon or georgette sarees out in the sun as direct sunlight causes the fabric to lose its color. So, keep the fabric away from direct sunlight especially when it is wet. Avoid using machine dryer as the fabric is delicate and might tear. Air drying is the best option when it comes to georgette or chiffon sarees. Don’t wring it after washing, just let the water drip and drain naturally. Also don’t use many clothes pins as it weakens the fabric.

Storage Instructions: While storing gerorgette or chiffon sarees, don’t hang them for long periods of time. Also, consider taking it out every once in a while and refold the fabric. Changing the fold lines on regular basis will avoid ripping of the fabric.

Wearing instructions: When you’re wearing georgette or chiffon sarees, avoid contact with sharp objects as the fabric can easily get torn off. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Yes, it is applicable even when you wear it. In case, you spill something on it, quickly wipe it off with a napkin. Don’t rub hard and look for the kind of thing you spilled and how to remove it.


These are some handy tips on how to take care of georgette or chiffon sarees. We hope this helped. Let us know if you liked it or not.


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