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How to look stunning this Raksha Bandhan

Aug 01, 2017
How to look stunning this Raksha Bandhan

Festivals are the best ways to refresh ourselves and to have a great time with the family. Not only that but they also offer a welcome break from all the chaos and frenzy of our routine life. Raksha bandhan is one such amazing Indian festival that brings together our near and dear ones. Also, it serves as good occasion for dressing traditionally and bringing out those sarees from the closet. You as a sister, visiting your brother’s home or as the hostess to these festivities must ensure that you look your best. However at times, amidst all the running around, we end up making a mess of many things, especially if we are hosting our relatives or have to travel to the other part of the city to meet our loved ones. Here are some useful suggestions which you can start implementing a few days before Raksha bandhan to ensure you have a stress free day of brother-sister affection.

Prepare Ahead!

As sisters you should look lovely on this special day. Honour that salon appointment and get yourself pampered at least a few days in advance. Also, plan a week in advance about the Rakhi day’s schedule. If you are one of the lucky few, whose brother lives in the same house or vicinity, nothing like it! However, if you have to travel across the city to meet your brother or your cousins, plan ahead. Same applies, if you are going to invite people at home.

Sort out your gifts, purchases and plans

You should know of your Rakhi day plans at least a couple of days in advance. Even more, if you are the one who would be hosting relatives at home. Whatever you need to buy for Raksha Bandhan, be it colorful rakhis, loving presents, cards, gift vouchers, sweets etc , make sure you make a list and buy these at least a few days ahead of the festival. Last minute purchases are seldom the right ones. And, you will be amazed to see how much better you feel on the day of festival! Keep your clothes ready and sorted, a day ahead too.

Try a breezy saree

Coming to the attire for Rakshabandhan, ensure that it is something Indian and feminine. You may consider wearing a saree as it an apt ensemble to wear on Rakhi. Many of us generally don’t get to wear this wonder outfit, so why leave a chance when we get one. Also, sarees are in vogue right now. You can pick beautiful breezy georgette and chiffon sarees from our Babli collection and pair them with traditional jewellery to create the perfect festive look. 

 Try a fuss-free hairstyle and water-proof make-up

On this special day try a new hairstyle that will not only be easy to do, but will also stay put through the whole day of festivities. Since you are going to wear a saree, you can try some bun style and chic plaits. In case you wish to leave your hair open, ensure they are slick and fizz free. Make sure you don’t go overboard with your makeup, even if you are going to attend one of those trendy Rakhi parties. The look one should ideally aspire for is feminine and graceful. Also, since it may be raining, and you may be sweating in this humid weather, it’s best to stick to minimal yet water proof make up that will stay put through the whole day.

Plan an easy, light yet filling menu

Are you planning to host relatives at home? If yes, then you should know that Indian festivals and feasting go hand in hand. But, it’s is also a day to spend quality time with your loved ones, instead of just being in the kitchen. If cooking at home, try getting a help, who prepares most of the stuff, while you simply serve and enjoy the fare. Your best bet will be to plan in advance a simple, light and fulfilling menu. Keep place for snacks as well as complete meals. Also keep some mithais handy. If all this seems like a tough job then let your guests know in advance and they may be happy to pitch in by bringing in their own signature dishes! Wow, a Rakhi potluck party sure sounds like a great idea! 


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