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How to choose the right saree for a slimmer look

Jul 29, 2017
How to choose the right saree for a slimmer look

Saree is a classic traditional Indian wear that represents class and culture. While saree is the most elegant wear and is often considered to be a safe outfit option for plump women, what you may not know is that choosing the right kind of saree not only makes you look smarter but also makes you look slimmer! Here are a few pointers to choose the right saree for overweight women:

Fabric: Light weight fabric sarees are your best suited for this body type as they stick close to the body. Fabrics like chiffon, georgette and crepe have an inherent tendency to make one look slim and give a flattering shape. Stiff fabrics like starched cotton and organza should be avoided as they add volume to the body and makes one look bulkier. However, the non-starched soft cotton plain sarees in bright colors is a good choice.

Color: Dark colored sarees gives the wearer a slimmer look. They aid in hiding flaws in the body and are preferred by women who are bulky. Light and pastel colors on the other hand highlight every part of the body and are best avoided by women with not so perfect figures. Plain sarees in dark colors across fabric is indeed a very safe bet.Prints and Patterns: Plump women should avoid large big prints as they make one look heavy. Sarees with small prints and dainty motifs like flowers and paisleys not just create an illusion of a slimmer body but theyalso look enchanting and ethereal. These motifs can also be in delicate embroidery and bead work. 

Borders: Sarees with broad or heavy borders are best avoided as they make the body appear wide. You can look stylish and sophisticated in a minimalistic plain sarees with narrow border like gold lace borders, temple borders, gotta patti borders etc as they make you look both slim and tall.


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