Embroidery Sarees
Embroidery Sarees – The soul of the saree lies in its embroidery

Embroidery Sarees is really the art of incorporating various designs, or motifs onto a piece of cloth using various materials. It has been in vogue in India from ancient times and its existence has been recorded since the times of ancient Egypt. In fact, embroidered items have always caught the eye of people who have consciously used them in their daily life, or in their religious practices. Embroidered artifacts have always been considered as a sign of prosperity and affluence the world over.

There are two types of embroidered sarees worth mentioning:

  • Free embroidery- the application of the designing does not disturb the knitting of the base fabric. It is popular in some parts of South East Asia
  • Counted thread embroidery - the number of threads in the fabric is calculated and only then is the stitching done

In India, embroidery designer saree has a special significance in homes because usually the woman takes it upon herself to do the needlework pertaining to fabrics. Many materials are used to create embroidered work, the basic being silk. The stitches are varied depending upon regions in the country. It could range from the intricate "zardosi" work to "chikan", from the "phulkari" in north India to "kantha" in the eastern region of the country.

Indian embroidery sarees in India have come a long way from being the only respectable garb of a woman to actually innovate its wearing style, its fabric, even the whole look of it. The designer embroidery saree in India has gone from strength to strength when we actually see it being worn across all ages and in various styles. The saree has taken the fashion industry by storm and it promises to grow bigger with the influx of various designers who have actually presented the saree in a new avatar that is so very refreshing according to some.

The most definitive trend has been the use of various embroidery being used in sarees which otherwise would have been limited to some handicrafts or cushion covers at home. The stitching have diversified on the sarees almost giving them a pan-Indian look rather than some regional embroidery. Earlier only threads were being used to decorate sarees ,but now with the advent of technology and superior stitching methods almost any material can be stitched on to the saree which could vary from real gold to even pearls and crystals . The color combinations too have changed keeping in mind the changing nature of the fabrics as well as the stuff being stitched on the body if the fabric. The various schools of embroidery like "mirror" or "aari" or "chikan" have now gained prominence, which is a good sign for Indian art and for the saree, which has now received a fresh lease of life thanks to Embroidery.

Embroidered sarees featuring exclusive designs are a favorite with women. Come to Indian selections, comfort an exciting online embroidery shopping saree.

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